2015 is here and the New Year has ushered in new wedding trends. There’s so much you can do when planning your reception, where you’ll celebrate you and your husband-to-be’s love for each other. And we know it can be pretty overwhelming knowing where to start. Want to try something unique and original for your big day? Here’s a rundown of this year’s wedding reception trends.


Reception Trend #1: Luxury

Last year’s Great Gatsby trend has evolved from Art Deco decadence into general luxury. Luxury has a variety of meanings, but we can’t help but conjure up images of a plush reception area decorated with plenty of sparkle. Couples are sparing no expense (or creating the look of sparing no expense) by thinking “What would a Kardashian do?” and decorating according to that aesthetic.

Luxury Wedding collage

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SimplyBridal: http://www.simplybridal.com


Reception Trend #2: Brunch Weddings

Brunch has recently exploded onto the scene, but we aren’t surprised. Couples are opting to have weddings with a brunch reception in the early afternoon to create a more laid-back vibe. This is a plus because brunch doesn’t require a large financial outlay to look fabulous and taste great.

Brunch wedding

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Reception Trend #3: Cool Colors

Warm colors are still in fashion, but cool colors are taking the nuptial world by storm. Seafoam green and baby blues are some of the breakout colors for 2015. Cool colors are pretty and complement the green and natural trend that is beginning to emerge. If you have your heart set on a warm color, don’t fret, that’s still on-trend too. Simply select a color in a cooler hue to take part in the look for your reception.

Cool Colors for weddings

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Reception Trend #4: Champagne Reception & Signature Drinks

An open bar is extremely expensive and a little bit of us dies inside when a large surplus of alcohol is left over after a wedding. No one wants to throw money down the drain, which is why more cost-conscious brides and grooms are opting to have a champagne reception or only offer one or two signature drinks at their wedding. This cuts costs dramatically without sacrificing taste. Now, all you need to do is have a stylish personalized flourish to complement the drink and you’re on your way!

Champagne brunch wedding

Credits to Steve Steinhardt Photography, Couture Cake Jewelry, and Lily Pond Services.


This year has just started, so we know these trends are only the tip of the much larger iceberg to come. But we do know that we’re already in love with the looks featured here and can’t wait to see what new trends emerge.