Diane from  I Just Said “Yes” writes:

One tier, two tiers, chocolate, cream……so many decisions!  Today’s cakes are not only very tasty but are beautiful.  They are decorated in colours that can match your decor.  You can choose a layered cake or the very popular cupcake wedding cake.  This is great for your guests to grab a cupcake while on the way to the dance floor.  If you have a guest list of 200 people don’t order cake for 200.  It will be wasted.  Order for 50-60% of your attendance.  Most couples also add pastries to the wedding cake table anyways so no need for waste, especially when coming out of your pocket.


Really cool idea…..have a small round wedding cake made for each guest table.  This way after dinner when the bride/groom are cutting the cake, all the guests will join in and cut their cake as well and everyone has a piece together.  This eliminates the cost for a dessert from the reception hall and serves as a centerpiece too!!

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